20 Greatest WWE Diva Matches of All Time

20. Trish, Lita, Jacqueline, Jazz, Ivory, and the Mighty Molly

This comes in at number 20 only because some people might not consider it a real match with six wrestlers in the ring. But with a group like this all together at one time it’s got to make the list. This was an incredible match with lots of great chemistry. Trish and Lita were the stronger wrestlers, but the others were definitely divas. It was a quick match with lots of action.

19. Beth Phoenix vs. Melina

During the first “I Quit” divas match in WWE Beth and Melina put on a great show, even though this was technically still in the PG era of women’s wrestling. Melina was an incredibly flexible athlete and knew how to take the hits. These two divas put their heart and soul into this match that took place in San Diego in 2008. Beth and Melina both gave as good as they got while trying to make each other say “I quit.”

Beth Phoenix ultimately contorted Melina to the point that she had to quit to keep her body from literally being broken in two. This nine minute match is one the fans won’t soon forget.


18. Victoria vs. Trish

This was a hardcore match that brought the word intensity to another level. Some fans may not have liked the bloody battle, but in 2002 this match helped establish women’s wrestling. The lead up to this match may have been what really got the fans going. A video circulated that showed Victoria with a cardboard cutout of Trish. That she ultimately tore the head of the cardboard look-alike off built the hype for this incredible match before anyone even stepped into the ring. What also made the match interesting was that Victoria was going through her insanely jealous phase which only added to the buildup.

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